Overcoming Fear
In the midst of our current situation that is affecting most of the world, something much worse than the Coronavirus is gripping many and that is fear.  While it is understandable to have concern and to do what we must to keep ourselves from getting this terrible virus we must not let fear be the driving force in our actions. 
While there is currently no proven vaccine for the virus, there is a spiritual vaccine for eliminating fear and that is FAITH.  A good definition for faith is: FOR ALL I TRUST HIM. Him is JESUS! As we put our trust in Him and fill our heart and mind with His Holy Word, fear cannot remain.
The Bible declares in Romans 10:17:  So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. During times of great stress and anxiety and especially when confronting the unknown, we must feed our faith and starve our fear. This is accomplished by who or what we are listening to. The local and national news while needed sources of information ultimately feed our fears and starve our faith.
WE MUST CHANGE OUR DIET PLAN and feed on the life giving Word of God.