Where Can I Serve?


Jesus came to serve and as his disciples, we too are called to serve. This opportunity exists within our church but also reaches beyond our walls to our city and the communities around us. World missions is also very important to us and we believe in supporting others as they spread God’s Word to both those in need and to those who may not have heard the message of God’s grace . Lighthouse Worship Center members are involved in a variety of ministries and we want everyone get connected.



Advancing the Kingdom of God through outreach is one of the most significant and purposeful ministries we have in our church. Each ministry takes great effort in taking the gospel to those around us. Outreach is a lifestyle and not a program. It is the desire of everyone at Lighthouse Worship Center to be used by the Holy Spirit to provide transformational ministry in the lives of those we encounter.



God-honoring and dynamic worship bests describes the worship experience in our services. Through the music and words a divine intimacy is created with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



The usher/greeter team at  Lighthouse Worship Center fills an important role. This team is welcoming and friendly. It is the mission of this ministry to make the first encounter in our church one that will create a desire in the hearts of those who join us to want to return.

Media & Technology

Using media to spread the gospel is extremely important. We currently use Facebook as one of our tools to reach out to others. Also, we are recdording our services both in audio and digital video. It is our desire to make the most of every opportunity available to us to get out the message of God’s love, mercy, and, grace. This is a growing ministry where those with technological skills can get involved immediately.

Intercessory Prayer

Prayer is vitally important at Lighthouse Worship Center. Our intercessory prayer team meets 30 minutes before each service to pray and seek God for the church service and prayer requests.